Studying for the US Citizenship Test

If you live in the Whitewater, WI area, there are FREE classes with FREE baby sitters in the evenings. You can contact the Whitewater Unified School District for more information. There will be a free class for citizenship in the spring which I will teach.

If you would like to practice study questions for the US Citizneship test on your computer, Cambridge offers a free site from its Ventures series. Just clicke right here

If you need to print off an application, you can get one by clicking  here on the USCIS website. Near the top of the page you, you will see N400 (1.48 MB PDF). Click on that to see the application.

And here is where you can see the 100 questions and find study materials for everything.

To see information about the citizenship class that I taught last year, go to this blog

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